Anti-Abortion And Pro-Choice


Abortion Alternatives

The vast majority of women who get an abortion say that they would have carried the birth to term if they had the support. Pregnant women get abortions for understandable reasons, including poverty, poor health, and a general inability to find care for the child. Providing women with preferable alternatives to abortion will end abortion. Nothing else will.

The number 1 alternative for abortion is preventing unwanted pregnancy in the first place. Not engaging in unprotected sex will eliminate almost all unwanted pregnancies. Of course, by the time most people look for abortion alternatives, the time for prevention has passed.

The so-called day after pill can help. Some people may still consider this abortion, but most people must see a major difference between aborting a fetus and hindering the conception process or even aborting a few mindless cells.

Once a woman has a baby inside of her, she has some abortion alternatives. If anti-abortionists actually want to reduce the number of abortions, they can do so by making these abortion alternatives as viable and appealing as possible.

For one, a birthmother can put her unwanted child up for adoption. Anti-abortionists can support adoption by making it a more appealing option. Collectively, this means improving the adoption system and making sure that more children get adopted, and that they get adopted by good families. Individually, a person can support this by adopting a child. It seems hypocritical for a person to condemn abortion, if that person can afford to adopt a child but chooses not to adopt a child. Many would-be mothers believe their unborn children are better off dead than going through current adoption and fostering systems.

Other alternatives to abortion involve having the mother take care of her own child. These abortion alternatives can come in the form of various arrangements. These arrangements involve offering the mother financial support and/or personal support. Less women will get abortions if they have help raising their children. This can come in the form of helping them find housing or employment. It could also come in the form of offering them babysitting services. Most plainly, it can come in the form of monetary donations. offers a list of national organizations that help women find abortion alternatives. The list contains phone numbers. Please note that we have not reviewed the organizations listed and cannot vouch for their credibility and supportiveness.

In the end, it works a simple way: How can we tell women to give birth if we refuse to help them raise the child? We can end abortion by giving women an alternative more appealing than abortion.

I hope this article answered all of your questions about abortion alternatives. If you have any remaining questions, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please post them in our Abortion Forums.