Anti-Abortion And Pro-Choice


Anti-Abortion and Pro-Choice

This website proposes an anti-abortion and pro-choice position to the abortion debate. While we want to prevent abortions, we simultaneously intend to do so without violating a woman's freedom by forcing her to carry or give birth to a baby.

The Horror Of Abortion

Abortion - 9 Week Old Aborted Fetus Next To A Dime
9-Week-Old Aborted Fetus
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Induced abortion involves a brutal procedure wherein someone tears an innocent growing fetus out of its biological home in the mother's womb, thus inexorably leading to the bloody death of the unborn child. Professionals estimate that approximately 46 million abortions take place each year! That means, on any given day this violent and disturbing procedure happens approximately 126,000 times!

Because of the deep, special and biologically inherent relationship between mother and child, inducing abortion usually leaves a women psychologically scarred. Also, both her and her family can feel much shame and guilt, due to their religious and/or moral values.

Many, if not most, people see abortion as murder, or at least homicide. That means that 126,000 of these brutal and preventable homicides take place every day!

Pro-Choice Validity

Unfortunately, another horror plagues society. Many anti-abortionists take a so-called "pro-life" position and use violence and coercion to often essentially turn pregnant women into slaves.

In the struggle to reduce and end abortions, many anti-abortion activists try to force pregnant woman to carry and give birth to the unborn child. Anti-abortion activists can do that by appealing to governments to illegalize abortion. Other times, activists use coercive force themselves, such as bombing and terrorizing abortion clinics.

Despite the horrifically disgusting nature of abortion, anti-abortionists must not mirror that horror by denying any woman rights to her body. More violence and coercion cannot solve the problem.

Additionally, forcing women to give birth to unwanted children leads to arguably worse problems, especially in a world in which 16,000 children die of starvation every day, millions of people commit suicide yearly, and even more live their lives in jails. Also, illegalizing abortion leads many women to perform illegal and unsafe abortions.

Get Government Out Of Abortion

Using governmental, coercive, or violent force to try and prevent abortion cannot work. Like many issues, politicians may use the abortion issue to gain votes and pander to their respective political parties. The Libertarian Party understands the failure of government and coercion:

"Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that libertarians can hold good-faith views on both sides, we believe the government should be kept out of the question. We condemn state-funded abortions. It is particularly harsh to force someone who believes that abortion is murder to pay for another's abortion. It is the right of the woman, not the state, to decide the desirability of prenatal testing, Caesarean births, fetal surgery, and/or home births." -Libertarian Party Platform

Similarly, Libertarian Harry Browne says:

"Whatever we believe abortion is, we know one thing: government doesn't work, and it is as incapable of eliminating abortions as it is of eliminating poverty or drugs."

Using government, coercion, and violence to try and force women only further divides the differing viewpoints and increases the horror.

Persuasion To End Abortion

Instead of violating women's rights with coercion, anti-abortion activists can use persuasive and open-minded approaches. Instead of divisive policies and approaches, anti-abortion activists can work co-operatively with pro-choicers to find mutually agreeable solutions.

Working against each other creates stagnation, without reducing abortion. In contrast, pro-choicers and anti-abortionists can join together and come up with methods to prevent abortions without violating a woman's (alleged) rights and without using coercive, governmental, or violent force.

For example, we can prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. We can relieve the conditions that make abortions desirable to pregnant women, such as poverty. We can spread pro-birth propaganda, such as with persuading pregnant women to choose adoption over abortion. We can work to increase adoption and the well-being of adopted children, thereby making it a more appealing option. (How can we tell women to give birth to otherwise unwanted children, if no one takes care of the unwanted children already born? Adopting children can prevent abortion.) We can teach people about pregnancy prevention. We can teach women about the negative effects of abortion - both psychological effects and physiological effects. For instance, we could set-up meetings between women who have had abortions and now regret it with women who may consider abortion.

We can do all that and more instead of wasting our time in the divisive pro-life/pro-choice debate. If we choose divisive and coercive sides, and bicker and battle with each other, we obviously fail to get anything done. The complexity of the abortion issue only makes it more imperative that we all work together to find bipartisan solutions that both protect the lives of unborn children and the freedom of women.

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